Supporting the Memory Center

Every day we gain experience in finding more effective ways to treat our patients who have dementia-related diseases. This includes managing not only clinical care treatments in order to alleviate certain behaviors or symptoms of the disease but also researching innovative approaches toward the ethical and end-of-life care issues that surround the disease. The generosity of donors can allow for further research and better clinical care through the expansion of educational and support programs and services to improve the lives of our patients.

If you or a loved one were happy with the care you received from the Memory Center, you can make a donation in a couple of ways:

  • An unrestricted gift to be used in the area of greatest need.
  • A restricted gift to be used for a specific research area (see Current Research under our Research and Training page) or clinical care program.

Your contribution toward research and/or clinical care will help the Memory Center meet its mission to give the greatest care to individuals and their families as well as help to develop more effective treatments and preventions for those that suffer from this disease.

If you would like to contact the Memory Center to make a donation, you can either call 773-834-4340 or email us at