What makes the Memory Center unique?

The Memory Center at the University of Chicago is staffed by a committed team of highly trained neurologists, geriatricians, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, social workers, and specialized nurses. This multidisciplinary team approach allows us to evaluate each patient in a very thorough manner to uncover all possible causes of memory or behavioral problems and provide a comprehensive management plan. Because all these specialists work under one roof, patients and families have easy access to the appropriate specialist for their individual needs which ensures seamless, thorough care.

As part of a world renowned academic medical center, our team of physicians and researchers participate in the latest cutting-edge research, and bring the most up-to-date knowledge regarding the diagnosis and management of memory disorders to patients more quickly and with more expertise than at other institutions. We are able to handle the most challenging problems, including unusual presentations of memory loss and dementia. The Memory Center also serves as a referral resource for physicians in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Physicians can refer patients here for diagnostic evaluation, periodic consultation, or comprehensive on-going care.

Because of our unique multidisciplinary approach, our program serves patients and families by:

  • Performing initial evaluation of suspected memory problems.
  • Providing second opinions.
  • Assessing and managing behavioral problems or psychiatric problems that often accompany memory disorders.
  • Serving as the primary care source for patients with memory problems.
  • Being available as a "one stop" resource for referring physicians, patients and their families.

These services can be provided either through continued follow up with the Center team, continued follow up with one of the geriatricians based in the Center, or through direct communication with the patient's family physician, whichever the family and patient prefer.